Top 5 Secret Beaches in South Goa

For many years, the Indian island of Goa is considered a cult place for those who do not imagine their lives without traveling. People from various social statuses and wealth come here to get rid of masks and be themselves. When we talk about travel to Goa, we often mean the northern part of the island. There are always a lot of young people and adults who are nostalgic for their hippie past.

In the southern part of Goa, the rhythm of life and the atmosphere are completely different. This is a very quiet, secluded place. The main category of tourists here are families with children who want a calm and measured rest. If you want to enjoy picturesque rice fields and calm golden beaches with high palm trees, clear water, and fine sand, you will be happy to get there. Local people communicate in a noble way, without imposing services and showing enviable politeness, which in itself is a rarity for India. Some of them share the coordinates of secret South Goa beaches​, where you can really get away from the worldly bustle and enjoy nature.

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Majorda is only 20 km from Goa airport Dabolim. This is a secluded, quiet place for seekers of peace, with long and wide beautiful beaches and a high level of service. There are several excellent hotels suitable for families with children: with children's clubs, a special menu and a smooth entrance to the sea.

Coastal entertainment is very diverse: you can snorkel and explore the colorful underwater world, ride a water ski or scooter, fly with water parachute. An experienced team of rescuers constantly looks after the safety of tourists. It is one of the best beaches in South Goa.


This small and very cozy place is located between the larger resorts - Varca and Colva. This is a secluded location with a long picturesque coastline and a spacious beach with the brightest sand you can find on Goa island. There are no high waves there (especially in the tourist season), so the extremals do not visit this place, which can not be said about dolphins - they come closer to the shore, and in the local waters, there are much fish. In the coastal cafes, you can eat inexpensive freshly caught food.

This is a great place for lovers of Ayurveda, morning jogs, and cycling.


Colva is a more lively place. The village is located 10 km from a large populated center - Margao. This most popular resort in South Goa has a well-developed infrastructure: good hotels, bars, restaurants, shops and lots of different beach entertainments. Here, unlike the neighboring beaches, life boils until late night. In the evenings, people walk along the main street - Colva Beach Road, going to bars and shops. A lot of tattoo studios offer their services, but the quality of work, according to reviews, is not at the highest level. You can see this place in the most of top beaches in South Goa lists and that is absolutely fairly.


According to the Forbes magazine, this place is one of the top 10 beaches you must visit at least once in your life. This quiet, beautiful place in the south of Goa is loved by everyone, including Indians: a beautiful nature, a wide and long coastline with white sand, crystal clear and calm water - just forget about your problems and enjoy life. There is always something to do: local restaurants offer excellent food from fresh products, and if you want to warm up, there are all kinds of water activities at your service.

In the evening, you can stroll along the shopping street with souvenirs and dance in local disco clubs. One disco is full of silence: each visitor dances in his own rhythm to the selected track, which sounds in personal headphones.


Agonda is another brilliant of Goa island according to TripAdvisor, BBC, and several other magazines. It stretched for 3 km along the most beautiful bay, framed by gentle hills and palm groves. This is a quiet and secluded place, it is safe here, however, you should swim in the permitted places in order to avoid underwater currents. If you are looking for calm, good beaches in South Goa, it is a right place.

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